Top Reasons why physical therapy is beneficial

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People of all ages benefit from physical therapy, whether they are suffering from a medical condition, illness, or injury that limits their ability to move and function.

A tailored physical therapy program can be used to help individuals return to their pre-injury level and promote lifestyle changes that will help improve health and well-being. Since physical therapy is considered a conservative treatment for managing problems, primary care physicians often refer patients to it. Ways you can benefit from physical therapy:

Reduce or eliminate your pain. Therapy techniques such as manual therapy, joint, and soft tissues mobilization, or treatments such ultrasound, tapping, or electrical stimulation can help to relieve pain. These therapies can also help to prevent future pain.

Avoid surgery. If physical therapy can help you relieve pain or heal from injury, then surgery may not be necessary. Pre-surgery physical therapy can be very beneficial, even if surgery is required. Many times, if you’re stronger and fitter than you were before surgery, you’ll be more likely to recover quickly. Health care costs can be reduced by avoiding surgery.

Mobility improvement- Physical therapy can be helpful for those who have difficulty standing, walking, or moving. Your ability to move can be restored by strengthening and stretching exercises. Physical therapists can properly fit people with canes, crutches, and other assistive devices. They can also recommend orthotic prescriptions. By creating an individual care plan, any activity can be practiced and adjusted to ensure safety and maximum performance.

After a stroke, you can get back to your normal activities. Strokes can cause loss of movement and function. Physical therapy is a form of physical therapy that strengthens the affected areas and improves balance and gait. Physical therapists can improve stroke patients’ ability to move and transfer in bed. This allows them to live independently and reduces the need for help with dressing, toileting, and other daily living activities.

Sports injuries can be prevented or treated. Physical therapists can help you understand the risk factors that different sports pose for injuries. For example, stress fractures in runners who are running long distances. They can develop appropriate prevention or recovery exercises for you to allow the safe return of your sport.

Maintain balance and avoid falls your fall risk will be assessed before you begin physical therapy. If you have a high chance of falling, therapists can provide exercises that will safely and gently challenge your balance to simulate real-life situations. Therapists can help you improve coordination as well as assistive devices to aid in safer walking. Physical therapists can perform specific maneuvers to help balance problems.

Manage diabetes, vascular conditions. Exercise can be an important part of diabetes management. Some people with diabetes may experience problems with sensation in the feet and legs. These patients may benefit from the education and support of physical therapists who can teach them proper foot care to avoid further complications.

Handle age-related problems As people age they can develop arthritis, osteoporosis, or require a joint replacement. Physical therapists specialize in helping patients to recover from joint surgery and managing arthritic or osteoporotic, conditions.

Treat heart and lung disease. After a heart attack or other procedure, patients may need to undergo cardiac rehabilitation. If your daily functioning is impaired, you might also require physical therapy. Physical therapy can improve the quality of life for people with pulmonary issues by conditioning and strengthening their breathing and helping them clear excess fluid.

Women’s health and other conditions can be managed. Women may have special health concerns such as post-partum and pregnancy. Physical therapists may be able to provide specialized management for women’s specific health concerns. PT can also provide specialized treatments for Bowel and breast cancer, constipation.

For more information about physical therapy, or if you have any questions regarding how it might help you or someone close to you, don’t hesitate to ask your PT.

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