Universal Truth – More than One Kind

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Does character development need to be understood in a correct way? Is there a universal truth about the deeper side to life? A growing minority of westerners identify as spiritually-oriented. You might be one of them. Spiritual refers to seeing the world around … Continued

Crypto Currency vs Fiat Currency

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Currency vs. Fiat currency Are you familiar with the fiat and crypto currencies? Both are currencies and can be used worldwide. They are however, distinct and different in their own ways. One group favors cryptos while the other prefers fiat currencies. Crypto money … Continued

Why aren’t my car keys working?

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Oh! Snap. My car key won’t work. This is the first time you’ve ever been in this kind of situation. If you haven’t, then you are lucky. However, those who have experienced it know that it is a nightmare that will never be repeated. You … Continued