Why Choose An Evaporative Cooling System For Your Warehouse?

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Evaporative cooling is a good option if you have a warehouse or other large space that needs cooling. Evaporative cooling is a popular alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. It has many benefits for your business and the environment.

What Is Evaporative Cooling?

Evaporative cooling uses water instead of harmful chemicals or substances as its refrigerant. The outside air is passed through a water-saturated medium. This causes evaporation and increases humidity. The temperature drops when this happens. The evaporative cooler air is used for cooling the internal air. It can also be circulated through your warehouse using fans.

These units also make use of the outside temperature. The more efficient it is at reducing the internal temperature, the hotter it will be. Evaporative cooling is efficient for a long period so there are no performance drops.

Benefits Of Evaporative Cooling

Greener Technology

Evaporative cooling uses less energy than other forms of air conditioning. This makes it more eco-friendly and easier on the wallet. These units do not use any harmful refrigerants to cool air.

Some air conditioners use substances such as hydro fluorocarbons which can contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer.

Evaporative cooling systems use less electricity and fewer fossil fuels. This results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

More Energy Efficient

These systems provide the majority of their cooling power through water evaporation. The fans that circulate the cool air throughout your warehouse are efficient and can save you up to 80% on cooling large spaces.

You will also find that you have to open and close doors constantly, which can cause problems for conventional air conditioners, as they are unable to cool the air effectively. Evaporative coolers are not affected by this. These systems are suitable for many types of workspaces and can withstand the high traffic of goods and people.

Better Air Quality

Evaporative cooling systems won’t dry out the air, so the quality of your warehouse’s air will be much better than conventional units. Evaporative cooling systems do not recycle the air. Instead, they replace it with fresh, cleaner air. This results in a healthier workplace, and therefore better productivity.

A higher quality of air will make people less likely to get sick, especially those with allergies or respiratory problems. You may also see a decrease in sick days. These coolers also add moisture to the air which is great if you work in dry conditions.

It Is Easy To Maintain

No matter if you have a large warehouse or commercial garage, your cooler’s performance is essential. Evaporative cooling units are durable and require little maintenance. Regular maintenance can help prevent problems or solve them before they get worse.

More Cost-Effective

These units also have lower ongoing costs because they don’t need a lot to maintain. Because they are simple in design, repairs and installations won’t cost much. Evaporative coolers are often cheaper than traditional models, so you won’t have to spend too much on your initial purchase.

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