Best Tips And Tricks To Make Candles

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Start your journey to candle-making with the mindset that it is easy. Remember, you only need a mold, a wax wick, and a mold. Then, you begin to research the subject and realize it’s not as easy as you expected.Likely, you’re here because of your “research phase”, or perhaps you’ve created one batch but it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. You have come to the right spot if you are looking at candle-making techniques.

Candle making is a kind of art. It’s not something you can do in a hurry. You may not get it the right first time. Each person can have a different result depending on their preferences. There are many ways to make candles. Remember, candles are individual. Every candle maker has a different style. It all depends on what you prefer.

You can start your journey by getting a “starter pack” with detailed instructions and premeasured candle making materials. Later, you can adapt it as you continue to learn. These are some Tips and Tricks to help every candle maker.

Practice And Patience

Making a candle is a process that requires time, effort, as well as the right tools. Make coconut wax candles and scented candles. You need to practice, experiment, and change your formula often. Don’t lose heart and persevere until you get the results you desire.

Takedown Notes

You will want to capture your experience when you start making candles. Your candle journal will keep track and help you remember your progress. These details include the time and date of each candle’s lighting, the type and amount of wax used, how many fragrance oils were used, their type and percentage, the wick size and mold used, and the temperature when these extra materials were added.

Know Your Wax

You can make candles with over 60 wax types, such as soy wax or coconut. There are also hundreds of combinations. Each wax has its strengths so if there aren’t enough options, you can ask for the advice of an expert who provides candle making kits.

Know Your Fragrances

As important as understanding the dynamics of your wax melts and your wick, fragrances are also an important aspect to consider. Scented candles are a favorite of many people. There are many different ways to add scents to your candles.

Some oils will not work when heated wax melts, others may not mix well in coconut wax, and some might clog your candle wick making them look odd. This is why scented candles can only be described as pleasant, but do not produce beautiful candles.

More Can Be Less

We get it! Sometimes, it’s fun to be creative and add some decorative elements to your candles. For example, flowers or stones can be added to your candle. It’s important not to go too crazy when making candles. This is not always the right way to go. Sometimes a simple minimalist candle may be the best. A lot of those additional elements can lead to fire hazards, so be careful about which elements you choose.

Blow Dryers Are Your Friend

This is another tip you can add to your collection of candle tips. Sometimes the candle’s surface may have uneven edges or bubbles. You don’t necessarily have to remove the entire candle or re-do it. Turn the blower to the lowest setting. Then heat the top part of your candle using circular motions. Let the top of your candle melt in the blow dryer’s heat, then let it cool. A blow dryer can smoothen the surface of your candle, and it will come out as smooth as ice.

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