Myths regarding DUI and DWI Attorneys

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A DUI & DWI lawyer is a legal expert that specializes in defending people charged with different traffic crimes. Driving under the influence and driving while drunk is two of the most prevalent criminal charges in jurisdictions such as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

However, you should be aware that such violations are taken severely in most regions of the nation. If you questioned any DUI or DWI attorney today, they would admit to having dealt with a client or perhaps a friend who had been charged with drunk driving or driving while intoxicated. Accused drunk drivers are charged promptly, putting these instances among the most often recorded offences in a single day. Because of the high number of recorded incidents involving intoxicated drivers, several states now classify them as the most severe misdemeanors. Don’t even bring up a scenario in which you’ve been reported more than twice.

Because the consequences for such offenses have grown exceedingly severe, many offenders attempt to examine a variety of alternatives to admitting guilt. Numerous DUI & DWI attorneys nowadays believe in many fallacies about this violation. Take a look at some of the most frequent myths about DUI and DWI charges.

1. The majority of those accused of DUI or DWI are guilty

This is a common misperception among DUI & DWI attorneys and the general public. If you speak with a lawyer and it seems that he feels you are guilty, just do not employ them. The fact is that breath tests are not always accurate, and in any event, the evidence may be challenged by a skilled expert. Most of the machines employed as proof are so inept that they may provide incorrect findings.

2. Drunk driving is a misdemeanor

Many individuals assume this to be true when, in fact, it is not. Consider the lives that are jeopardized as a result of drunk driving. Even though these crimes were not addressed with the severity they merited a few years ago, circumstances have changed, and it is apparent that many lives were lost during that period. It’s just a major crime.

3. Any lawyer can defend a drunk driver

This is what many individuals, even attorneys, think. However, the fact is that this case requires a professional DUI & DWI lawyer who is an expert in that industry. If you find yourself in a jam, don’t simply go to any lawyer in town to defend you; instead, select the correct specialist. It may take some time, so be sure you have the correct expert counsel.

4. DWI/DUI cases cannot be won

Many individuals assume that these instances are hopeless. However, many experienced professional DUI and DWI attorneys win these cases, and the accused is allowed to leave the courtroom. Because of skilled counsel, numerous cases have been acquitted.

5. These cases are no different than any other criminal offense

This is why many individuals seek generic criminal attorneys for counsel when they should instead seek the assistance of experts. DUI and DWI charges are handled quite differently than other types of criminal crimes.

6. If you refuse to take the breath test, you will not be charged

Refusing the sobriety test may backfire in ways you don’t want to think about. It is essential that you comply with the request of the law enforcement personnel. Even if you know you had a few drinks back at the office, it may work to your advantage.

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