A Brief Info about Fasteners of Silicon Bronze

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Silicon bronze, sometimes known as bronze, is a widely used material. Silicon bronze is a copper and tin alloy with a small percentage of silicon, which makes it ideal for use in maritime settings.

Because of its greater corrosion resistance, strength, and durability, many marine experts prefer fasteners of silicon bronze over stainless or any other metals.

Despite the fact that bronze is more expensive than some comparable metals, you will find that silicon bronze fasteners such as nuts and bolts are trustworthy and robust, and can be purchased online on the website of Fair Wind Fasteners.

Because silicon bronze is an alloy of copper-silicon, it is frequently utilized in power distribution. This material, which is available in silicon bronze 651 and 655 silicon bronze, offers more corrosion resistance and strength than brass.


Silicon bronze alloys must be chosen according to their intended application. Specifically:

  • With 98.5 percent copper and 1.5 percent silicon, the alloy of silicon bronze 651 is ideal for cold-headed items.
  • With 97 percent copper and 3 percent silicon, the alloy of silicon bronze 655 is ideal for hot-formed fasteners.
  • The alloy of silicon bronze 661, which is made up of 95% Cu, 3% Si, and 0.5% Pb (lead), is an excellent choice for machining parts.
  • Hex bolts feature a chamfered point that makes it easier to fit them into a tapped hole or nut, and their length must be determined from just below the head.

Strength and a few other benefits of silicon bronze bolts

The corrosion resistance of silicon bronze fasters is well recognized. They don’t corrode when exposed to acids, fumes, or salts. It also outperforms other metals such as brass and stainless steel in terms of strength.

Silicon bronze is employed not only for its advantageous mechanical capabilities, but also for its attractive look. Silicon bronze bolts can also offer:

  • Friction reduction
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Minimal clearance necessity
  • Non-magnetic properties

Silicon bronze bolt applications

Silicon bronze fasteners are commonly used in the construction of wooden boats and woodworking because they are more corrosion resistant than stainless steel and have better strength than brass.

Most woodworkers choose bronze over copper due to its look and natural beauty, which adds to the value of handcrafted sea crafts while also maintaining structural integrity.

Silicon bronze fasteners have a number of features that make them appropriate for nautical and marine applications, including corrosion resistance as well as high strength. They are bronze bolts that are resistant to salt water and harsh weather, making them ideal for deck and woodworking applications.

Silicon bronze bolts can also be found in ordinary construction projects and in switchgear electrical equipment. They’re also found in valves and many process control devices.

Silicon bronze fasteners can also be used in other applications:

  • Gas exposure
  • Minesweeping
  • Power and energy
  • Refiners
  • Sewage

Also, silicon bronze materials are used in many sculpture work and making decoration pieces, which do not require too much maintenance and still offer a stunning look. There are a few industries that use this material only for this purpose.

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