Different Types Of Chastity Sex Toys

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Chastity toys, as the name implies, are meant to keep you from engaging in sexual activity.

Expert says that while people might do it temporarily for casual play, this is often done in ongoing D/s relationships in which this level of control represents one aspect of larger power exchange.

Chastity Belts

Chastity belts come with a lock and key. They are underwear that locks up your junk so you can’t use the bathroom or touch your bits unless the person who has the key allows it.

Chastity belts are a great tool to the power play in BDSM relationships because of their locked-up nature.

Expert says, quite like locking someone’s genitals up so that they can’t get to you except by yourself.

An expert points out that chastity belts are also physically stimulating. Many have vaginal and vaginal plugs. Some also include cock rings or vibrating or pulse-generating abilities.

Chastity Boxes

Chastity belts cover the entire pelvic area, but chastity boxes are restricted to the genitals. These cages are sometimes called “penis cages” and “cock cages”, as they are only for penis owners.

Expert states that cock cages are most commonly used in D/s relationships. It’s the next step in ownership.

You’ll find many plastic chastity boxes on the internet.

Expert says that although plastic might look more intimidating than stainless steel, they are not a good idea. Plastic is porous, which means you can’t clean it all the time, making it very gunky.

The expert also said that stainless steel has a weight that makes it impossible to forget they are there.

Anal Hooks

Anal hooks are visually a mix of classic carrot-shaped butt plugs.

Anal hooks are typically made of stainless steel. The ball at one end goes inside the anus and the “hook” anchors the hook outside.

A friendly reminder: Anything that is going inside the anus requires a flared base, or anchor.

However, some vulva owners may be able to stimulate their urethral sponge (aka G Spot).

Anal hooks often have a loop at their end that can be attached to rope during bondage scenes, especially predicament bondage scenes.

Urethral Sounds

Also known as cock stuffing, Ural Sounding involves inserting an instrument — a very thin, long-sounding tool. The rod is fitted with a stopper at its end into the urethral channel.

Expert claims they are more difficult to use as silicone isn’t as heavy or firm.

An expert explains that slowly moving the toy around in the urethra can stimulate nerve-dense penis heads and allow you to bump the prostate from a different angle.

Remember that research indicates that there is a possibility for people suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms due to urethral sounding.

Vulva owners can also use urethral sounds. Urinary tract infections are more common in vulva owners because the urethral channel is smaller.

Urethral Plugs

Urethral sounding toys are meant to be pulled in and out slowly, but urethral sounding toys (sometimes called “penis-plugs”) can go in and stay put.

Electric Wands

Electric wands are sex toys Australia that uses electricity.

Expert says, Turn an electrical wand down and it creates a fascinating and sexy pulse in the genitals.”It can get quite intense if you turn it up.

It is worth mentioning that there are many types of electro-stimulation toys available, not just wands. You can think of anal plugs and whip attachments that “strike with electricity”, such as cock rings or anal plugs.

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