What Is A Land Survey? What Types Of Surveys Do You Have?

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There are several reasons why a land surveyor might be necessary. Are you looking for a way to settle disputes or plan new developments or plans?

This article will talk about how a land Survey works and the different types of surveys that are available for real estate.

What Is Land Survey?

But what exactly is a survey ? It’s the representation of a property. It maps property boundaries and other features which might be necessary when solving any related issues. It can be a valuable tool to clarify any disagreements.

What Is The Process Of Land Surveys?

The tools used for land surveys vary depending on the purpose. An altimeter could measure the elevation of a property, while GPS and other tools can also be useful for completing a survey.

The too lite which is most commonly used in land surveys can help measure vertical and horizontal angles between points.

Why Do You Need A Land Survey?

While they are not essential for every transaction, land surveys can help solve any issues or ongoing disputes that may arise between the buyer/seller of the property.

Here is some reason you might want to obtain a land survey:

Resolve Boundary Issues

Boundary issues may be the main reason why land surveys are conducted when there is disagreement about where one person’s property starts and ends. It’s important because any square meter can count in the sale of a property.

Pinpoint Price & Size

Knowing where a plot is located can help you determine its price. It can also be an excellent way to negotiate with potential buyers who may want to lower the price if the plot is smaller than what’s being offered. It can be a significant advantage for those who are looking to purchase a property.

Make A New Home

If you can build your dream home, it is worth conducting a land survey. It will help to determine where the main structure can be built and also the location of the drainage system.

What Should You Look For In A Land Survey

When you get a land survey, make sure it includes the property’s boundaries and any modifications. It will also be necessary to identify any setbacks, restrictions, or floodplains the property might have. Also, the land survey should contain a written description.

What Are The Types Of Surveys?

Boundary Survey: A boundary survey is an inventory of the boundaries for a particular property. It includes physical markers, recorded deeds, and the physical markers used to mark their boundaries. It can involve fieldwork in cases where adjoining land is involved to figure out the boundaries.

Construction Survey: This type of land survey can be used to determine the location of roads, buildings, utilities, etc. For this type of survey, you can use both vertical and horizontal grading.

Location Survey: Similar to a boundaries survey, but with a little more information regarding interior improvements, a locations survey can be used to conform to loan application requirements and zoning permits.

Site Planning Survey: This survey blends the boundary and topographic surveys discussed below. It is commonly used for designing residential and commercial properties as well as industrial sites.

Subdivision Inspection: This type of survey is necessary when dividing land into smaller lots. It is often used to survey streets and drainage systems.

Topographic Survey: This is a standard survey that uses to locate features including utilities, roads embankments, and ditches. It is often shown as the three-dimensional point that shows the physical boundary, land features, and property.

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