The Complete Bra Style Guide

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Most women have a love-hate relationship with bras. No matter how much they make you scream, bras are essential for your support and lift. It’s possible to transform your life by knowing what bra style, size, or type best suits you. While the right bra type can make your outfit look better, the wrong one can ruin it. This is why women need to be familiar with the various bra styles on the market as well as the outfits that go with them. There are so many types of bra that will fit your style.

1 Flat Bra

A padded bra features padded cups, or pockets that can be used to insert pads. This style is great if you want to conceal visible nipples. The padded bra adds volume to breasts, giving them a fuller and rounder shape. You can find padded bras in under wired or non-wired styles. You can get a gentle lift with padded bras, while the non-padded bras are great for everyday wear.

2 T-shirt Bras

A T-shirt Bra is very similar to a regular bra. This bra has seamless cups that aren’t noticeable when worn underneath body-hugging clothing. This style looks best when worn with fitted clothing for a sleek and smooth silhouette.

3 Push-Up Bras

A pushup bra lifts the breasts and pushes them closer to your chest while giving you a prominent cleavage. Most push-up bras have under wired cups to give you a gentle lift. You can change the look and shape of your breasts with their angular padding. From a level 1 push-up, which is gentle, to a level 3 which is heavy lifting, you can adjust the drama level you desire.

  1. Bras with an underwire

These bras come with wired cups. The cups may or not be padded, but they have the same name. The under wires add a slight lift to the breasts, making them appear plumper. This style is best for women who have sagging breasts or need an extra lift.

5 Convertible/ Multiway Bra

This style is the best of all bras. You can style it in multiple ways with detachable straps. It comes with a halter, halter, and crisscross straps. This bra is the perfect solution to all your bra needs.

  1. Bralette

Bralette is a bra style that falls somewhere between a bra or a crop top. These bras can be worn with a slip-on or non-padded wired style. This bra style is lighter in support and construction and more focused on style and comfort. They can also be worn as trendy outerwear.

  1. Strapless Bras

A strapless bra is very easy to describe. The straps can be removed. It offers support through under wired cups, and an inner silicone lining at the edges to prevent it from slipping. Side boning is sometimes added to these styles for additional support. These styles are best worn under strapless, tube, and off-shoulder clothes.

  1. Balconette Bra

You can identify a balconette bra by its wide-set straps. The name “balcony” is derived from the word “balcony” which resembles the high neckline created by the wide-set straps. This bra style suits a broad neckline best.

  1. Front Open Bra

A clasp or hook is used at the center of a front bra. This bra can be considered the most comfortable. This style is popular for women who find hooking the bra at the back difficult or irritating.

  1. Halter Bra

Halter bras come with a single strap, which can either go around the neck or at the back. This style looks great under tank tops or halter dresses. Many convertible bras allow you to convert them into halter styles.

  1. Bandeau Bra

Also known as tube bras, bandeau bras can also be called tube bras. These bras have a simple structure and don’t include any padding or wiring. Some tube bras include inbuilt pockets for inserting pads. This bra style looks great under racer back tops or tube tops. It’s a great option for when your straps are not visible.

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