Smoking Weed for The First Time? Follow These Tips

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Are you smoking weed for the first time? Nowadays cannabis has become a mainstream item and hence more and more adults are now finding themselves starting weed smoking for the first occasion.

Most probably, you also must be one such first-timer and hence trying to read this post. If it is so, then you are certainly on the right track. You must be aware of how it can affect you, and what you must avoid while starting out. As per the recent survey, almost 44% of adults have tried cannabis, and these numbers are constantly on the rise!

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Tips for smoking weed for any first-timer

The following tips can be helpful for first-time weed smokers.

  • You must start in a certain comfortable setting, e.g., your own home, or with those you enjoy the company
  • Prefer not to combine it with anything else like drugs, alcohol, when you are using it for the first time because they can have a certain cumulative effect and may lead to nausea
  • Better take it slow, and you can have a bit more even if you feel that it is not enough
  • Never try to drive after your weed smoking, operate any machinery, or engage in any other dangerous activities
  • You need to understand how it is affecting you before you try it at any parties or venture into certain public places
  • Last, by not least, allow your inhibitions to go away and just enjoy it.

Choosing your strain for the first occasion

Warning: The terms Sativa, Indica, and hybrid just scratch the surface of how a strain could affect you. For those unfamiliar with cannabis mythology, Sativa denotes a stimulating strain, whilst Indica denotes a soothing strain.

All hybrid strains fall somewhere between these two poles, and those numerous hybrids are produced for a variety of effects ranging from deeply medicinal to straight-up celebratory.

In actuality, most cannabis is a hybrid unless it was taken from a wild field of Nepal or Afghanistan. The terms Indica and Sativa are more useful and significant to farmers than they are to consumers.

What matters more than those broad classifications? The ratios of cannabinoids e.g., CBD and THC in the terpenes of the strain, the oily essences that can perfume the cannabis and other plants.

When you combine these factors, you can have a far better idea of how a certain cultivar or strain will impact you. So, rather than focusing on Sativa or Indica, think about what you will prefer out of your high.

Do you want to unwind? Do you want to sleep better? Do you feel more energised, energised, or euphoric? Knowing what you want to achieve will make selecting the proper strain much easier.

Hope you enjoyed reading this before going for weed smoking.



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