Things to think about when you’re searching for a company that can move you.

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Recommendations From People You Trust

Google may not always be the best source for information about moving companies. But your friends and family can. There will be many people you know who have used the services of moving companies in your region. Get in touch with them to find out about their experiences, and what they recommend. You may know of someone who had a poor experience with a highly rated company or was subject to unexpected fees not listed on the company website. Maybe someone had an amazing experience with a young company with little online presence. Start with family and friends to find valuable insights that you won’t be able to get online.


We are getting good reviews

Once you’ve identified a few companies that you are interested in, start looking online for reviews. You can leave reviews if you have had a great or awful experience. offers moving reviews. You can read them to find out about their experiences and maybe even learn some things you didn’t know.


A track record for success

There is something to be said about giving a boost to a new business. However, a moving firm that has been in existence for at minimum a few years is the best option. Online information should give you a rough idea about their history in regards to being on time, keeping costs fair, and maintaining possessions. Keep your recommendations to reputable moving companies in the main, even if you get a few really positive ones.


License, insurance

Never use or license a moving firm that isn’t insured. Although anyone can purchase a truck, and call themselves a company, only those licensed and insured will legally be bound to protect your property.

Search our Moving Company Directory to simplify your search for trustworthy movers. It includes information about more than 600 reputable movers across America, plus Better Business Bureau data and customer reviews. The It will provide a list of movers in each state who have been checked and verified. And most of the Phoenix Moving Company are licensed and insured.This gives you confidence that they can be trusted .


You will receive a quote from a mover based on the hours they can provide and how many people you may need. Remember that this base rate does not include extra packing materials you might need, additional rates to move heavy, large, or unusual objects or other added ones. Moving companies are unable to give a precise estimate by phone but can give you an idea about how much you’ll spend. Ask the company what is included in the extra charge and if they refuse to give you the details, then move on.


Designed to meet your specific needs

Every move differs. Every move is different. Take the time to think about your unique needs, then ask the right question to make sure you choose the right mover. You should think about these:

It is important to determine if the company owns a moving truck that is large enough to carry all your items and still fit within your property’s restrictions.

Find out if the company can provide extra packing supplies as necessary, such as a moving blanket, bubble wrap, or garment boxes.

What time the company can be reached to meet your needs.



Millions of people are moving every year. However, fraud isn’t uncommon. Check to make sure a company is legitimate. You should also check for an active license. It is important to check the legitimacy of a moving company by looking for an active license, checking their service records, and ensuring they have a valid address (and not just a post office box). It is important to avoid moving companies asking for deposits, especially if they are asking for more than 20%.


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