Writing Strategy: How to Get Inspired Everyday

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Other writers find it easy to get inspiration from any source. The rest suffers from what we call the-alibi-not-to-write- a-single-word thingy. Yes, we don’t always have the energy or time to write. For a week, a month, or a year, this lonely road leads to being “unseen” and unheard of. It involves focusing your time and resources on getting a story finished until readers demand more.

How can we find inspiration to move forward, until THE END?

Here are some ideas to help you find inspiration, even if you don’t have the energy. You can be serious about your passion for stitching characters, events and motivations. Then you will embark on the exciting journey to writing your magnum opus and publishing it to the world.

1. Take a look around and notice what you can see, feel, smell, and touch. These stimuli could spark an idea, or be the springboard for a jaw-dropping, endless reading spree by your readers, who devour every book you create.

2. Get hungry. You can find ideas, experiences, wisdom, and even a whole new world by being hungry. Do not be afraid to put yourself in the shoes of others and learn from their experiences. You’ll be able to learn something fresh, relevant, and new about your writing task. All stimuli need our attention.

3. Listen. Listening to someone else’s conversations is not a crime. For writers like you, it is an essential part of writing. It is possible to learn something from people’s complaints, conversations and other details about their work, lives, and daily grinds. Perhaps the story you are writing requires a clear dialog, an impactful scene or thought-provoking wisdom.

4. Keep an eye out. It can be fun to activate all your senses and feel like a sponge. It’s a great learning experience to absorb the different emotions of people who are struggling to make a living, especially during times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn from their stories, and you will be able to share your own stories with your readers.

5. Make air castles. Don’t be afraid to be wild, rebel against social norms and create a world where your characters can flourish within the established standards of being sound, sane, and holy. You never know when the world you create could become the next big thing. Your main character would be in awe. It’s so exciting to promote my baby.

There are many more things to come. We continue our journey towards making writing therapy for the broken soul. But even though the journey is difficult, the hard one keeps going. Keep writing and expressing yourself to the world, regardless of the odds. Keep fighting for your dreams. Write on, to help others forget their burdens for a few hours.

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